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Some Basic Pre IPO Facts

Most of the folks who get interested in Pre IPO investing want to know, “Where do the stocks come from if the company hasn’t gone public and issued any stocks yet?”

Oftentimes, exciting new companies reward their employees with shares of stock even while the company is still growing and privately held. But sometimes, the employee has an immediate need for funds – a new baby, a new car, a new house – and wants to trade those stock shares for cash right away.

That’s where Pre IPO stocks come from.

Now you might ask, “If the company hasn’t gone public, how do you know how much to charge for the stock?”

We use the same kind of publicly available information other financial analysts use when estimating the likely Initial Public Offering price, such as the latest round of financing, investor demand, and pricing from past secondary transactions.

Is your last question, “Why can’t I just buy the stock directly from the shareholder?”

As you might imagine, this sort of transaction requires much more paperwork than the typical purchase of publicly issued stock. Each privately held company has its own set of rules and regulations for acquiring shares in this way.

  • We find the companies.
  • We find the shareholders.
  • We fill out the government regulations and paperwork
  • You reap the benefits.

This is your golden opportunity to turn that employee’s need into your future windfall by acquiring those shares before the company goes public.

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